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Thread: C and C++ in .Net 2005 environment

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    C and C++ in .Net 2005 environment

    Hello friends,

    Plz can u solve my doubts

    1)why C++ language is called as a partial object oriented language.

    2)can we do C and C++ programs in .net 2005 environment.if so plz can u tell the procedure for steps to do.

    3)In C,C++ language we can swap two values by using call by value?
    In c# by using call by value,can we swap two numbers.the values are swapping for but in the result it is not showing the swapped values.
    the pgm which i wrote is

    In the form I have taken a button.
    In general declaration

    class test
    public void swap(int x, int y)
    int t = x;
    x = y;
    y = t;
    MessageBox.Show("x = " + x.ToString());
    MessageBox.Show("y = " + y.ToString());

    In button_click

    test t = new test();
    int a=10,b=20;
    t.swap(a, b);
    MessageBox.Show(a.ToString() + " " + b.ToString());


    plz mail the answers to aru576 @ yahoo . co . in

    Thanks and bye
    waiting for u r reply.

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    Re: C and C++ in .Net 2005 environment

    From ur code, I understand that you are not returning the swaped values back to the calling code. Try to return it back and it will work fine.

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