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Thread: How should I start with Automation

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    How should I start with Automation

    Hi Every one i have 9 months of experience in the manual testing and currently i am looking for the Automation. I am not getting how should I start with the training for the Automation. Is there any classes for the same if yes please tell. Becoz whenever I look for some job profile varys, so i get confused. Please Guile me.

    Question asked by visitor siddhi

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    Hi Siddhi,

    Well, it is good that you are initiating automation into your testing repotire.

    To start off with, you should first decide on the choice of automation tool you want to pursue. Check out in the market as to what is presently the hot tool for automation. As of now I am sure it is QTP.

    Download the trial version of QTP. Select the flights application that comes along with it as sample application. Else select a simple page as

    Before starting off, go through the help of QTP. It details out the ways to start off using the tool.

    Once completed, start with a simple record and play option. Once you are comfortable with concepts like Objects, ObjectMap, script, action etc... you could move on to advanced topics....

    Try searching the internet for tutorials on VBScript. Since QTP follows VBScript syntax, it would be off good help to you...

    As regards institutes, SQTL provides training on automation tools..


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