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Thread: Allocating Memory

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    Allocating Memory

    What are the things one should bear in mind while allocating memory for TSR. Can someone give me a website reference for reading about this.

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    Re: Allocating Memory

    TSR being a Terminate and Stay Resident Programs it is important that proper handling of memory is needed which otherwise would degrade or decrease the system performance level a lot.I have given below some points which one should bear in mind while allocating memory for TSR. They are namely:
    Primary Aim or goal while allocating memeory for TSR that one should have in mind is that memory consumption should be to minimum level.
    The memory needed or allocated can be calculated based on the program used for implementing or writing the TSR. If an assembly language is used it is faily easier to calculate the amount of memory as programmers have complete control of memory in this case. If a c lanuguage is used one have to keep track of memory in the programming level.

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