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Thread: What approach should I take

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    What approach should I take


    I've done my B Tech (mech) in 2004 from one of the reputed colleged of India (REC), & my academic record throughout has been excellent. I was placed through Campus in a good company & was posted in the marketing division. I decided to change the field, & so I quit the job in April, 2007, after which I did a certification course in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Tools (Cognos 8, OWB 10g, SQL Server 2005 BI Suit).

    Now, as I prepare to apply to companies, I have a few doubts.

    1. Will I be considered a fresher? Will I at least get interview calls? What approach should I take for my job search?

    2. I spent a few months (close to 5) in acquiring the indicated skills, & this reflects as a GAP in my career. Will this affect me adversely? How should I tackel it?

    3. My academic record, & Extra-curricular ativities record have been excellent. Will that be a plus point to me?

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    Re: What approach should I take

    Since you have done your BTech in REC, you have no reason to despair.
    1. You will not be considered a fresher provided you have more than 2 years of experience in the marketing field. Also you can put your marketing skills to use in the selected company, which will be an added advantage to rapidly get on the corporate ladder.
    2. Acquiring skills will not be considered a gap in your career since that shows your high level of interest in acquiring your skillsets and also your risk-taking potential, since you had taken the risk of resigning from the company to take up necessary training. This should be considered a positive approach.
    3. Your academic skills and extra-curricular activities will definitely be a plus for your job-hunt, since many companies stipulate a minimum academic percentage for their jobs.
    Good luck for your job hunt and be optimistic and confident.

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