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Thread: Oracle Apps mfg OR Apps material management

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    Oracle Apps mfg OR Apps material management

    Hi sir

    I am BE mechanical. I am planning to learn Oracle Apps, I would like to know which one is better to join Apps mfg OR Apps material management?
    which suits my profile better? Please suggest me

    Question asked by visitor bhupal

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    Re: Oracle Apps mfg OR Apps material management

    Hi Bhupal,
    My sincere suggestio is to learn distribution modules like 1)Purchasing, 2)Inventory and 3)Order Management. Or atleast 1)+2) or 2)+3). These are little bit easy to learn when compared to Mfg modules.
    As you told, if you are having some good manufacturing concepts like "how the manufacturing activities will take place in shop floor", then you can opt to learn Mfg modules like Engineering, BOM, WIP etc. As per my knowledge, so many distribution modules consultants are available in market. If you are confident of getting the terminology related to to Mfg, it's better to learn Mfg modules as you will find less competetion in the market when you are facing Job Interviews.
    Finally, all the best.

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