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Thread: Testcases for Date/time/year

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    Wink Testcases for Date/time/year

    plz giv ans 2 ths ques

    write the test cases for date month and year field by using
    testing techniques

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    Re: Testcases for Date/time/year

    It's very simple Surender,
    Try these test cases:-

    1) test format which is allowed like mm/dd/yy or MM/DD/YYYY or which one allowed.
    2)Test for boundary values for date and month.
    3) Test For null date /month/year
    4) negatine date/month/year
    like this more will depend on your scenario, whether any date is allowed or only user with 18+ is allowed etc.

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    Smile Re: Testcases for Date/time/year

    continuing with above answer
    1. check for february month by giving date as 29 and 28 for leap and non leap year.
    2. check for date format by giving date as DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY
    3.verify for the month by giving more than 12.

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