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Thread: exception & error handling

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    exception & error handling

    what is the diff b/w error handling&exception handling??

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    Re: exception & error handling

    there is no difference, both refer to the same thing in c#.

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    Re: exception & error handling

    to my knowledge both are different.....

    error handling means the debugging of the pgm....

    exception handling means handling the exceptions which are prone to ooccur at run time...

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    Re: exception & error handling

    well, i think error handling & exception handling question has nothing to do with debugging in this context. Sometimes it's too expensive to throw an exception, especially if it happened on the client side and user made a mistake or typo. Instead you can provide mechanisms (messages,warnings etc.) and clear user' input and let them correct it without throwing an exception But it definitely applies to error handling

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    Re: exception & error handling

    To my knowledge, we ourself can raise an exception like application exception to control users and error handling is a way of handling the exceptions at runtime

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