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Thread: Assembly Program

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    Assembly Program


    Can Anybody help me in writing a simple assembly program, like adding of two nos or assembly program for printf??

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    Re: Assembly Program

    mov al, 5 ; bin=00000101b
    mov bl, 10 ; hex=0ah or bin=00001010b
    ; 5 + 10 = 15 (decimal) or hex=0fh or bin=00001111b
    add bl, al
    ; 15 - 1 = 14 (decimal) or hex=0eh or bin=00001110b
    sub bl, 1
    ; print result in binary:
    mov cx, 8
    print: mov ah, 2 ; print function.
    mov dl, '0'
    test bl, 10000000b ; test first bit.
    jz zero
    mov dl, '1'
    zero:int 21h
    shl bl, 1
    loop print
    ; print binary suffix:
    mov dl, 'b'
    int 21h
    ; wait for any key press:
    mov ah, 0
    int 16h


    The above one using for 8086 processor and if you want more detail for sample programs then go through the following URL...


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    Smile Re: Assembly Program

    Yes i , can i have many solved programs of assembly here is your program

    data segment
    num1 db 20h
    num2 db 18h
    res db ?
    data ends
    code segment
    assume cs:code, ds:data
    mov ax, data ;initialize data segment
    mov ds, ax mov al, num1 ;take first number in al
    add al, num2 ;add the second to the number
    mov res, al ;store the result in location res
    mov dl,res
    sub dl,30h
    mov ah,02h
    int 21h
    code ends
    mov ax, 4c00h ;exit to operating system
    int 21h

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