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Thread: I am having one dimension

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    I am having one dimension

    I am having one dimension with no jions , can i retrieve the data from that dimension?

    Question asked by visitor NARASIMHA

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    Re: I am having one dimension

    ya sure can do that.for retrieving from a dimension(table) it is not necessary to have join on that.u can use simple select statement.

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    Ya sure why not.

    Bcz no need join.

    If the dimension is a part of Model we can publish with 1 Dimension also.

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    Re: I am having one dimension

    the question is not clear.. if there is two tables.. then u have to think about join.. one table.. how u r thinking in that prospective

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    Re: I am having one dimension

    If you have only one dimension in your model, then u can retrieve the data from that dimension.
    But if you have many dimensions in your model and only one dimension is not joined to any other dimensions in your model, then you have to be careful with your report development.

    Becoz, if you try to add query items from this unconnected dimension and any other dimension which is joined to fact, Report Studio trys to do a CROSS JOIN to display your report output.
    If CROSS JOINS are not allowed for your Model from with in FM, then Report Studio throughs up an Error saying: CROSS JOIN is not allowed between the columns used in your report.

    Hope this make things clear.

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