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    how write basic script inQTP?
    What are the things need to be followed while writing the script?
    send some sample script for web application?

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    Re: scripting


    How to compare two text files using qtp.

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    Smile Re: scripting

    Hi Sekhar,

    Check out the below code. It will compare both the text files and isolate the differences found in the file1 which are not present in file 2 in a seperate ouput file.
    To make it simpler , consider 2 text files - text1 and text2. This code would compare both the files and would log difference rows present in text 2 in a seperate file called as output.txt.

    This is a vbscript code. So create a .vbs file and include it as a library function in your action.


    dim found
    set objfso = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
    set objinputfile2 = objfso.opentextfile ("c:\text2.txt")
    set objoutputfile = objfso.createtextfile("c:\output.txt")

    do until objinputfile2.atendofstream
    found = false
    strnextline2 = objinputfile2.readline
    set objinputfile1 = objfso.opentextfile ("c:\text1.txt")

    do until objinputfile1.atendofstream
    strnextline1 = objinputfile1.readline

    if (strnextline2 = strnextline1) then
    found = true
    end if


    if (found = false) then
    objoutputfile.writeline strnextline2
    end if

    set objinputfile1 = nothing
    set objinputfile2 = nothing
    set objoutputfile = nothing

    Let me know incase you face any difficulties with the code,


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    Re: scripting

    You can also use WDiff to compare 2 text files.

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