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Thread: Registering reports in oracle back end

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    Registering reports in oracle back end

    How to register the oracle report from backend?We should not go through the normal procedure like how we register report from front end in oracle apps,same prodecure should be done from backend.

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    Re: Registering reports in oracle back end

    Hi Fazeena,

    U should prepare a sql script for Report Registration...
    STEP 1: Declare the variables for parameters, executable name, application name, description name, valuesetname,etc.....

    STEP 2: Validate the Application Name,
    Determine if Concurrent Program already exists.. If YES then drop it by
    Determine if Concurrent Executable already exists.. If YES then drop it by
    Drop the Parameter if they exists..

    STEP 3: Create the Value sets by API fnd_flex_val_api

    STEP 4: Create concurrent program executable

    STEP 5: Create concurrent program

    STEP 6: Add the Parameters (If present else skip this)

    STEP 7: Add the Conc, Program to the Group

    U try this and tell me if there are any difficulties at siddharth DOT shah AT atosorigin DOT com


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