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Thread: multiple actions in QTP

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    multiple actions in QTP

    i have created multiple actions and i don't want to run all the actions at a time but i want to run only one action in that so how to do that.

    how to insert breakpoint and what is the use of transactions and how to work with transactions

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    Re: multiple actions in QTP

    Use RunAction function in the main action. It will run only specific actions & not all.

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    Re: multiple actions in QTP

    If you have multiple actions and you want to run only one action at a time, make all the actions as re-usable actions then create a new action, insert calls to re-usable actions in the new action, run which ever action you want. comment all other actions.


    Assume that you have Action1, Action2 and Action3. You want to run Action1, Action2 and Action3 individually.

    1) Select Action1/2/3 go to action properties make it as re-usable.

    2) Create a new action say Action 4

    3) Go to keyword/treeview delete Action1/2/3 (from the keyword view which are re-usable)

    4) Go to Expert view select Action 4

    5) insert statements like

    RunAction "Action1",oneIteration,parameters if any
    RunAction "Action2",oneIteration,parameters if any
    RunAction "Action3",oneIteration,parameters if any

    6) If u want to run Action1 comment all other actions
    similarly for other actions also...

    hope this will help u in understanding....

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