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Thread: Is MCA or DOEACC or MBA a better option

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    Is MCA or DOEACC or MBA a better option

    Right now I am doing BSc with Computer Science hons. I want to know what should I do next except MSc? Is MCA or DOEACC or MBA a better option? I am very confused. Please suggest.

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    Re: Is MCA or DOEACC or MBA a better option

    HI! Trisha,

    My suggestion is to go for MCA bcoz all the MNC's ask for B.E or MCA and very few ask for M.Sc. But the eligibility criteria for MCA is bit tough here (Hyderabad) you got to have 10+2 with Maths, Physic & chemistry. And need to get good rank in ICET. I dont know the eligibility criteria for Rajasthan and if you see MBA there is stream of IT but that will be only in 3rd or 4th sem and since u are a student i dont think you have knowledge or interest about Economics, Accounts, Management etc which are mandatory subjects of MBA.
    I am sorry, I dont have much info of DOEACC may it got value in north but not no one know about that in south. And if you feel MCA is of three long years than u can think of M.Sc it is also a good option if you pursue with Info system or IT.
    All the best for your B.Sc and Future. Take care

    If u need any clarifications pls mail me.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Is MCA or DOEACC or MBA a better option

    MCA after B.Sc Computers would always be a better choice as against DOEACC, MBA & M.Sc.

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