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Thread: Call by Value and Call by Reference

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    Call by Value and Call by Reference

    Call by Value and Call by Reference

    In this tutorial you will learn about C Programming - What is difference between call by value and call by reference in function?

    The arguments passed to function can be of two types namely
    1. Values passed
    2. Address passed
    The first type refers to call by value and the second type refers to call by reference.

    For instance consider program1


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    Re: Call by Value and Call by Reference

    It was useful information about passing arguments to functions. In call by value argument gets passed as variables and in call by reference address gets passed. Does it mean if we use call by reference the execution time would be faster for the function since we the address gets accessed directly. If not why is it so?

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    Re: Call by Value and Call by Reference

    call by value:


    call by reference


    definition call by value

    int fun(int a)
    int b;
    b= a+ 2;

    call by reference

    int fun(int *a)
    b=(*a )+ (*a)
    return b;

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