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Thread: about malloc

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    about malloc


    When we use malloc then the memory allocated is continuous or not?
    Is there anyway to know it?

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    Re: about malloc

    It is continous only why because u are giving array type var......

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    Yes malloc() allocates memory in contiguous location.
    To verify it see this program

    void main()
    int *p;
    int i;
    p=(int *)malloc(5);
    while(i <5)
    Now depending upon the computer processor architecture(32,64 bit).the specified size of memory would be allocated for an integer. Suppose 32 bit machine (sizeof of int = 2 bytes) and starting location of allocated space be 1000.
    Then the output would be 1000 1002 1004 1006 1008

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    Re: about malloc

    Memory allocated by individual malloc() calls should be contiguous. That doesn't hold for multiple calls, though. For example, given the code

    char *p = malloc(10);
    char *q = malloc(20);
    all 10 bytes of p should be contiguous and all 20 bytes of q should be contiguous, but there's no guarantee that p and q form a contiguous 30-byte block.

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