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    Hullo fellow SAPSTARS™

    I just joined this forum. Im hoping I will be well received and that many of my challenges will be answered by you guys.

    Kind Regards

    PS: I hope this isnt considered cheezy

    Vishnu (Sunny South Africa)

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    Hi Vishnu,

    Nice to have you here. Welcome aboard! But, first things first. Whenever you post something, post in the right forum. Why would one expect a HI from an user in SAP forum? To get better and faster response, you need to ask questions in the right forums.

    For example if you ask a question about Unix in Windows forum, it is very unlikely that the question will be answered by any.

    Apart from that, this is a fantastic forum to share knowledge. I am sure you will have fun.

    (And of course soemone move this thread to where it rightly belongs to )


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    I also joined in the hopes that I will be enlightened.



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