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Thread: Writing Test Script Language in QTP

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    Writing Test Script Language in QTP

    How can I write Test Script Language in QTP,
    Can someone please write some sample of TSL,
    and some command.

    Please give various to try

    Thanks Guys

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    Re: Writing Test Script Language in QTP

    QTP uses vbScript.

    Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
    qtApp.Visible = True

    The above code will create the application object, start it and make it visible.

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    Re: Writing Test Script Language in QTP

    Hi, as Anshoo stated, qtp is based on vbscript.

    When you state Test Script Language are you hinting at the kind of scripting used in winrunner ? incase yes, it would be difficult to implement the same in qtp as it is basically based on vbscript and more oriented towards event-driven and object oriented programming concepts.

    Only possiblity is working with objects as Anshoo stated or depicted in code below -

    set obj = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application").
    obj.visible = true.
    obj.navigate "".

    obj.statusbar = 1
    while obj.readystate = true
    strstatus = obj.statustext
    if strstatus = "done" then
    msgbox "application loaded completely"
    end if


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    Hi olateejay,

    Normal DP (Descriptive Programming) decribes this way, in DP there are two types of objects.

    1. Standard object
    2. Custom object

    The script below is for standard object,
    eg: login screen"d:drivers\application\application.exe file
    // (To call your exe file to action).
    Set a=dialog("text:=login")
    // (To know the wat kind of object the window is, just do the thing what I have mentioned, click on object spy, place the hand icon the window or what ever you want)
    // (To enable the dailog screen)
    a.winedit("attached text:=user name:").set"name"
    a.winedit("attached text:=password:").set"ur password" a.winbutton("text:=ok").click

    format for the above is [object("property:=value).operation] winedit, winbutton, window, dailog these re standard objects.

    For custom object, all the properties it will be winobject. I think this will help to understand a bit. If not, feel free to mail

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