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Thread: Abstract, final and static keywords

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    Abstract, final and static keywords

    Question asked by visitor sandhya


    i am a bit confused between the abstract, final and static keywords as final cannot be overriden and static cannot be inherited i want to know whether static can be overridden and final can be inherited and whether abstract can be overridden and inherirted ?

    thanks in advance ! !!

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    Re: Abstract, final and static keywords


    Abstract class-All the methods in it are abstract means they have no implementation. We can extend the abstract class and implement the methods in it and one more thing is we need to give the implementation to all the abstract mehods otherwise the subclass also become an abstract class.

    Abstract class is one that contains atleast one abstract method with no implementation.We can't instatiate an abstract class.

    Final Class- Final itself specifies that it neither be instantiated nor be extended.

    static class-Means without instantiation we can use the methods and variables in it using the class name itself.
    Static members can accessconly static data. Nonstatic members can access both static and nonstatic data.


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    Re: Abstract, final and static keywords

    - the class can be extendable but we can't instantiate that.
    - the class must be used if you declare.
    - if you apply on the class, which can not be extendable.
    - if you apply on methods, those are not overridden.
    -if you apply on variables, those are not reinitialized.
    - those methods and block can be invoked before creating an instantiation.

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