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Thread: Functions were stored in different location.

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    Functions were stored in different location.

    I have added all vbscript code in function library and have associated these library function with the test.
    I have given the test to someone else in his system to run but it is showing error as function cant be associated as function were stored in different location.

    What should i do ??
    Is there any other thing which i could do so that i could write function within QTP test and associate function with it .

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    Re: Functions were stored in different location.

    He also has to associate that particular vbs file when he trie sto run the tests. For this he has to save th evbs file at some location in his disk & then point to it in Associate Libraries option.
    Another Alternative can be storing all your tests & vbs files on Quality Center rather than on any local hard disk.

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    One thing can be...
    Remove the added Lib file from Test->Settings->Resources->
    and add it again form the location where it is stored in the new system.

    you can just give this command at the starting of the Script .........
    Executefile (file path)
    eg - Executefile "D:/QTP.vbs"

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