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Thread: How do I prepare myself for an interview

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    How do I prepare myself for an interview


    i've just graduated in computer science and looking for jobs. i have applied for many posts such as programmer, web designer, SQA etc. i am not an expert in any of these areas. i have studied many courses along my undergrad years but i haven't been able to become an expert. how do i prepare myself for an interview in such a situation? i feel i forgot many things and to review them is going take quite some time. i am afraid that if i get a call for an interview i'll get embarassed by not being able to answer to any questions. pls give me some suggestions.

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    Re: How do I prepare myself for an interview

    hi how do perpare the tcs techincal round

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    Re: How do I prepare myself for an interview

    Here are some key tips for the interview:

    Arrive 10 15 minutes early

    Go to the restroom and check your clothes for any mishaps.

    Always greet the interviewer with firm handshake when offered.

    Be prepared for a confrontational interview if necessary. Some interviewers will seem downright hostile to see how you react to confrontation and pressure. Always keep your cool during this type of interview.

    Watch your body language and posture during the interview. A tapping foot or slumped posture will exhibit a lack of confidence.

    Make sure your do not mumble or use "Uh" too many times. Take a few seconds to compose a thought then respond.

    Use the interviewers name when appropriate.

    Convey a positive attitude during the interview.

    Indicate a willingness to be flexible in the position.

    Common questions:

    1. Why did you want to be a therapist?

    2. Tell me about yourself?

    3. How to take criticism/feedback?

    4. Why did you leave your last position or job?

    5. Describe the duties of your previous employment?

    6. Describe your weaknesses and strengths?

    7. Why do you want to work for us?

    8. What was your most positive and negative reflections of school?

    9. Why do you want to work in this area?

    10. What do you believe sets you apart from other applicants.

    Key Point:

    Think about your answers to these questions before the interview.

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