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Thread: Assessing Salary

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    Assessing Salary

    For many people, salary is on the top of their list for reasons they work for a specific company. While most people like the job they do, compensation is extremely important. If you are interested in making sure that you are being properly compensated by your company, here are some tips.

    It sounds easy to assess your salary, however in real life it can be much more difficult. For many employees that would like to make sure that they are properly compensated, there are many web sites, tools and reports that can legitimately tell them if they are being underpaid.

    Please note that there are a lot of different variable that are thrown into the mix when determining the proper salary. Here are a just a few of them: region, size of company, market share, job title, length of employment, types of benefits provided besides salary, job reviews, meeting job goals, education, etc.

    As you can see, a simple look in the newspaper to see what the other company is paying is not always an accurate reflection of your salary.

    If you are concerned that you are not receiving fair compensation, talk to your Human Resources manager or a compensation expert at your company. They can usually take a look at your salary records to make sure that you are in an acceptable level.

    If you are looking for an increase in salary, follow the above suggestions for assessing your salary.

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    Re: Assessing Salary

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