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Thread: Memory Layers In Shared Pool

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    Memory Layers In Shared Pool

    In Oracle's shared pool, how many memory layers are there? What are they?

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    Re: Memory Layers In Shared Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by Allan Paul
    In Oracle's shared pool, how many memory layers are there? What are they?

    Shared pool consist of 2 memory layers-

    1. Library cache :Library cache contains parsed sql statements, cursor information, execution plans

    2. Data dictionary cache: Data dictionary cache contains user account information, priveleges information,datafile,segment and extent information stored into the data dictionary cache.

    This is very basic question.. if you learning Oracle .. you should konow these kind of things... get a book , download free oracle software and practice....

    Hope this helps..

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    Re: Memory Layers In Shared Pool

    Actually there are three layers in the shared pool, these are
    Library cache, Data dictionary cache, and control structures
    as you are well aware with Library & data dictionary cache,
    the control structures consists of locks and latches with the concerned process.

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    Re: Memory Layers In Shared Pool

    It was a very nice question placed here which helped me to know the three different layers in the shared pool. I actually was aware of only two layers. This discussion gave me a insight on the third layer also.

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