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Thread: BE Mech 2004 with Catia v5 and .Net seeks advice

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    BE Mech 2004 with Catia v5 and .Net seeks advice

    hi everyone .can anyone help me out .i have completed BE mech in 2004 , i have done course in catia v5 and also .net .i'm confused where to go . and also i dont have any experience in either of them and also haven't worked anywhere . plz suggest me how to get the jobs .give reply immediately

    NOTE : [This question was asked by rani]

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    Re: BE Mech 2004 with Catia v5 and .Net seeks advice

    Hi Job helper[posted by rani],
    Basically ur objective is not clear..Are u intersted in moving towards the core company or do u intend to get into s/w industry..nowadays many mech companies ve also started automation and its almost similar lik s/w industry.But the thing is that since u v completed catia 5 and from a mech background, u could proceed with a core company rather than going into s/w.Its not thats/w industries are bad but why to waste ur techi skills in mech after studying BE for 4 yrs!!

    Also since u ve completed >net., u could switsh over to s/w industry any time u wish..Only thing is that u need an aspiration for continuous learning in s/w field.But its not possible in a core field.So think well and proceed...Think i didnt confuse u.Its a suggestion.Its upto ypu to decide as to which path to choose based on ur interest and objective.

    All the best!!!

    [B][B][I][COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Regards,

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    Re: BE Mech 2004 with Catia v5 and .Net seeks advice

    hi jobhelper(posted by rani)

    first of all u decide where u want to go!coz its u have to decide where to go!

    With .net u can easily look for s/w companies!but being a 2004 passout without any experience puts u in bit trouble,sonce companies look for freshers(means fresh graduates)

    But no need to be discouraged.Plz look into small companies (with references u can b placed in small companies easily).Try to gain experience.No matter whats the sal.Coz if u get some experience under ur belt,then u can look for big companies as well.

    So best of luck.


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