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Thread: Oracle Command Line question

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    Oracle Command Line question


    Could some one explain me in step by step how to start sql plus form command line and work with commands like sql plus editor ... I am working on a new project ..I only got shell access ...


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    Re: Oracle Command Line question

    Once you have logged in, you can connect under a different username with the SQL*Plus CONNECT command. The username and password must be valid for the database. For example, to connect the username TODD to the default database using the password FOX, you could enter


    In the command-line interface, if you omit the username and password, SQL*Plus prompts you for them. You also have the option of typing only the username following CONNECT and omitting the password (SQL*Plus then prompts for the password). Because CONNECT first disconnects you from your current database, you will be left unconnected to any database if you use an invalid username and password in your CONNECT command.

    4 Starting SQL*Plus

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