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Thread: Real time examples for EJB, JSP servlets

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    Real time examples for EJB, JSP servlets

    Tell me some good real time examples for EJB, JSP servlets, in which occasions they are used?

    NOTE : [This question was asked by sivanesh.a]

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    Re: Real time examples for EJB, JSP servlets


    JSP are really useful to create dynamic pages.Infact v can say that JSP is used to creat dynamic content on web.JSPs are server side applications.They accept a request and generate a response.
    Dyanmic pages means which give response according to consider an

    airline's website,suppose Mr a goes to this website and enters his destination, say mumbai,then hhe will get list of flights.
    Now suppose other man ,say Mr B goes to same airline's website and enters another destination, say chennai,then he will get separate list of flights.So this is coz of dynamic pages.They responded based on request.

    Servlets does same thing,but JSPs are easier.
    hop this satisfies ur query


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    Re: Real time examples for EJB, JSP servlets

    The website of sun , Jguru ,apache , and many more more sites are devleoped including these technologies

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