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Thread: I get error "invalid call to function"...

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    I get error "invalid call to function"...

    Hi guys
    I want to run this vb file if this event occurs...

    ***file name ******** fire.vbs

    Sub FireEvent_Example()
    'The following example uses the FireEvent method to trigger
    'the onpropertychange event on a form.
    Browser("Yahoo").page("Yahoo! Mail - The bes").WebElement("html tag:=Form").FireEvent "onpropertychange"
    msgbox " User name changed "
    End Sub
    Now if i use executefile("fire.vbs") in expert view , then i get error "invalid call to function"... i know because its an event and should be called automatically should I attach this file to object repository or how else I should have this file called when I run the test ?
    thanks..any reply would be appreciated...

    NOTE : This question was asked by priyadarshi786

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    Re: I get error "invalid call to function"...

    Can you please recheck how you are calling the Procedure?
    Since this not a function, this is a Sub. I think you can not calling the Sub properly.

    Can you "Call" to call the Sub
    Call FireEvent_Example

    Let me know if it doesn't work.

    Thanks, Jitu

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