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Thread: Framset and Imagemap

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    Framset and Imagemap

    I know about framset and imagemap in html

    NOTE : [This question was asked by Bipin]

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    Re: Framset and Imagemap

    The FRAMESET element is a frame container for dividing a window into rectangular subspaces called frames. In a Frameset document, the outermost FRAMESET element takes the place of BODY and immediately follows the HEAD.

    The MAP element defines a client-side image map for use with an IMG, OBJECT, or INPUT element. MAP's required NAME attribute is used as an anchor for the USEMAP attribute of the IMG, OBJECT, or INPUT element.

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    Re: Framset and Imagemap

    client-side image-map. An image-map is an image with clickable regions

    What is a Frame-based Website?
    When you look at a site that uses frames, (such as this one), your browser is really displaying more than one page!

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