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Thread: Can you solve this...?

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    Can you solve this...?

    You have ten bags and 1000 one rupee coins...

    you fill 1000 one rupee coin in 10 bags....

    The problem is...

    When i ask the number between 1 to show the count using the bags...

    For example...

    you fill each bag with 100 one rupee totally 1000..ok.

    if i ask 500 then u show the count using 5 bags..100+100+100+100+100

    but if i ask 450 then how u show the way to show the count...

    So there is a problem..i will ask any number between 1 to 1000...

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    Re: Can you solve this...?

    Here is the answer,
    Distribute the coins as follows 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,489.

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    Re: Can you solve this...?

    Wounderful....I think already i post this puzzle and also you post the answer...

    Anyway my great wishes to you James...

    - suresh

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