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Thread: SQL server queries

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    SQL server queries

    How can i select all the fields in a table with reference to 3 or more fields. what is the synax for that.

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    Re: SQL server queries

    can you please clarify by passing more information.

    What exactly you want ?

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    Re: SQL server queries

    The statement for retrieving the column names from a table in sql server is

    Select column1,column2, column3 from tablename where 'here you have to write the referencing conditions..

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    Re: SQL server queries

    You can use the fallowing statement

    select * from tablename where the reference conditions

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    Re: SQL server queries

    You can use the following query syntex

    select * from tableName where firstCondition && secondCondition && thirdCondition

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    Re: SQL server queries

    nice and helpfull answers

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