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Thread: difference between GET and POST method

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    Re: difference between GET and POST method

    Main difference between GET and POST method is, POST is used to send data from one webpage to other(Usually in Server-side languages like PHP) and GET is used to retrieve/receive data sent (by POST ) by the same page or any other page.

    Ex- 1st in Login page, if you enter username and password and click submit, this data is sent (by POST) to another page (like check.php for example). In check.php , you receive the data using GET method and use that data by storing them in variables.

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    Re: difference between GET and POST method

    Hi Everyone,

    GET requests a representation of the specified resource. Note that GET should not be used for operations that cause side-effects, such as using it for taking actions in web applications. One reason for this is that GET may be used arbitrarily by robots or crawlers, which should not need to consider the side effects that a request should cause.

    POST submits data to be processed (e.g., from an HTML form) to the identified resource. The data is included in the body of the request. This may result in the creation of a new resource or the updates of existing resources or both.

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    Re: difference between GET and POST method

    These are different method submitting data to server. Get method is used to submit data that is common to all users.In Get the form fields are included in URL that the form is posted to. In Post method these are directly included in the request.

    Get method-receive Data
    Post method-Send Data

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    Re: difference between GET and POST method

    To keep ur information secure you should use post method coz when we use Get method the data we transfer will appear on URL so it will appear publicly so it is not secure.

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