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  1. Assessing Salary
  2. Career Mentors
  3. Career Strategies for Women
  4. Books for Leadership Building
  5. changing career
  6. Career Advice
  7. Looking of career change
  8. Need Help-re-entering the job market wish to join the IT industry
  9. job help
  10. info reg placements
  11. Change of job to Financial Analyst
  12. is Learning prog lang is really handy in getting job or not?
  13. BE Mech 2004 with Catia v5 and .Net seeks advice
  14. BE with 1yr exp in material testing seek switchover.
  15. Career Guidance for BSc Computer Science Student
  16. Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Career Change
  17. Career change Advice
  18. Confused over what specialisation of marketing/finance/systems
  19. B.E. 55% aggerigate - Scope of Software Testing
  20. What shall I do to get a perfect job?
  21. HR Interview Help
  22. Unable to select the right path
  23. need advice
  24. How do I prepare myself for an interview
  25. before JAVA
  26. Business Objects Certification
  27. How to mould my career as tester?
  28. Literally confused about my placement.
  29. I would like to become a Business Analyst
  30. After 5 years what your position would be?
  31. How testing tools useful for a mechanical engineer
  32. I want to shift my career from CORE to Software side
  33. I don't have any experience to work.
  34. Why our company?
  35. MBA for Sr.Software Testing Engineer
  36. To select Oracle DBA or Oracle Developer?
  37. I want to be a business analyst.
  38. I would like to be SAP field,
  39. But what will be my future if i work for 5-6 years in software field
  40. I am poor in networking
  41. Do GNIIT'ians with simple Graduation has a career in the big software companies
  42. I want to make career in SAP
  43. Syllabus for Written Test
  44. Which testing tool i should go ahead and learn
  45. I would like to switch over my career into software field
  46. Which one is useful for the fresher to get the job
  47. Pls help me What are my mistakes!
  48. Help Choose between Satyam Computers and Cognizant Technologies
  49. I want to change my career to SAP
  50. I am very confused What to do
  51. How should I prepare for Verizon exam
  52. Suggest any other better university for doing MS
  53. Qulifications necessary to become a programmer
  54. Do i have to study finance and sales to work on SAP
  55. Software Testing 1 year exp
  56. Is CFA the right option to do right now
  57. MCA-2002, Advice for types of training
  58. Shift over from Technical Writing to full time testing
  59. MCA 2004 From Software Trainer to Software testing
  60. I am doing same type of work from 3yrs
  61. Do I need knoweldge in any script writing to learn testing
  62. SAP Career Help
  63. Relation between Testing tools and SQL Sever 2005
  64. Nortel Admin to data, is that right what I am doing
  65. What will be IT options for me other than MCA, MBA and MSc
  66. I am interested in Testing, Can anyone guide me
  67. Suggest me some notified institutes for SCJP course
  68. Is it a good option for a BCA grudate to go for Oracle
  69. Universities in India and Abroad for PhD Marine Microbiology
  70. I want to join Distance Learning
  71. How I could get a software development job asap
  72. Please advice me to shift towards software side or GIS side
  73. Is MCA or DOEACC or MBA a better option
  74. Preparing for the interview about manual testing
  75. I had 58.9% in my intermediate, Am I eligible for Satyam
  76. I am in a state of total confusion
  77. Am I eligible for CSC
  78. Cut off percentage for writting written test of Accenture
  79. Give me some suggestion what i can do next
  80. How to clear HR round
  81. Which one I could choose as my career
  82. How is the future of System Admin
  83. 56% in 10th and above 70% in the rest of my academics
  84. Which is in more demand .Net or JAVA
  85. Kindly advice Sir ! Data warehousing Scope ?
  86. What are my future prospects in the industry
  87. Why did you shifted from programing to software testing
  88. I want to change my platform
  89. I want to become a database tester
  90. Is their any criteria for training in ISRO
  91. Working as contract employee, manual testing since 1.2 yrs, please advice
  92. Please guide me what to do - SAP or ORACLE
  93. I want to shift to software side, what can I do
  94. I have a great aptitude for technology and anything to do with it
  95. Which course will help me for IT career
  96. Is it possible to get a job knowing Winrunner, Loadrunner and QTP
  97. carrier advice
  98. How to aproach with companys
  99. career change
  100. Is testing tools suitable for me
  101. The decision I have taken is correct or wrong
  102. I've backlogs in 1 sem, can i attend placements
  103. Please suggest me what kind of jobs are suitable for me
  104. I am using IssueView as a bug tracking tool
  105. Should I opt for DOEACC 'B' level
  106. Will I be able to write the test in singapore
  107. Is there any possibilty to enter into Software Development field
  108. I want to change my work profile
  109. I've backlogs in 1 Sem MCA
  110. Are there any tests to be qualified to join ISRO
  111. What is required to go for Telecom testing
  112. I have +10 years exp in GIS with Telecom background
  113. I am having 16 mths of experience working as a software engg
  114. career in SAP
  115. I dont know how to start
  116. I am thinking of learning DW
  117. I want to switch from networking to software side
  118. Give me suggesion for what should be done
  119. What are all the basic things i should know
  120. Please Suggest what would be a better option
  121. I want to do somethings in networking and security
  122. My company is asking (Forcing) me to work on Service contracts
  123. What is the qualification required for joining SAP?
  124. What kind of role I can choose in the software industry
  125. I want to make my career in database programming field
  126. What topics should I concentrate on
  127. I want a job change in IT or KPO sector in Noida
  128. I have a face to face second interview for a finance position
  129. How to talk to my manager for rejoining them
  130. I am interested in doing DOT NET course
  131. Which is the better option for me MCTS or MCAD
  132. Database administration its my passion
  133. Can i get a job in any MNC?
  134. I want to change my field
  135. What advices do you give me
  136. I don't know how and from where I start refreshing my mind
  137. Will I be eligible to get into a Post of "Business Analyst"
  138. Which type of course I can pursue
  139. I am looking to move back to the civil field, Please Advice
  140. Format how to present in a QA interview
  141. Java advice
  142. I want to work in Google or Yahoo
  143. Certification in Networking
  144. What I have to say for doing B.Ed. and the job
  145. Mainframe Tester Future Prospects
  146. Show right jobs
  147. Database Testing Advice
  148. MS in Networking
  149. hi
  150. Internship Programme Suggestions
  151. Software Course for Mechanical Engineering
  152. Update Testing Knowledge Levels
  153. Rejected by company
  154. Advice for becoming a developer
  155. Do I need Certificates
  156. Nuero Science or Business Management
  157. I want to flourish in software side
  158. hr
  159. Work for an MNC
  160. Database Admin Job Profile
  161. Mini Project for III Semester
  162. Not getting calls from companies
  163. Job openings
  164. Career in Web Development
  165. Kindly advice a course
  166. Useful course for my career
  167. Switch from Lecturer to IT industry
  168. Software Testing with BSc Cs
  169. Scope in market for Data Warehousing
  170. Guide me on which way I can go
  171. I want to work on live project
  172. Oracle Apps mfg OR Apps material management
  173. kindly Advise
  174. How could I apply for betterment
  175. I have not get any promotion
  176. Am I a fresher or not
  177. A tester by profession
  178. What approach should I take
  179. Planning to shift to Testing
  180. Chance for swiching my career to development
  181. Change my career from Telecom Company
  182. Is it necessary to join institute
  183. I want to do some job in the .Net field
  184. Enhance Java knowledge
  185. How to apply
  186. Is foreign university is better to apply
  187. Procedure for Oracle Certification
  188. Change my technology from .Net to Java
  189. Campus Placement
  190. My queries
  191. Any chance for me to work in MNCs
  192. Wireless sensor network
  193. Long year gap in career
  194. Criteria required for SAP HR
  195. BTech degree for ISRO
  196. Can I apply for MNC
  197. Huge interest in business
  198. Any need of doing certification
  199. Possibilities for me in campuses
  200. SQL Certification Course
  201. I want to work in Bangalore
  202. .Net certification
  203. Change my career path
  204. Suggest me what can I do
  205. Datawarehouse tester
  206. I dont have management experience
  207. How to reach my dream career
  208. Help me in time of placement
  209. Shift to Java / J2EE
  210. Which one would be more helpful
  211. Which is ok MCSA or Linux or Lotus
  212. A 9 year gap
  213. Vague and unclear skills
  214. Beneficial Courses for Campus Placement
  215. Practise JCL/COBOL/CICS from home
  216. Am I eligible for apply
  217. Plan to get back work
  218. How can I go into software field
  219. is it worth waiting for this job in dubai
  220. Is testing domain good
  221. Develop motivation skills
  222. Shift from Oracle to Abintio
  223. Some backlogs
  224. Very much interested to do job
  225. Not sure in building my career
  226. What does company look for
  227. Shift from catiav5-vb to SAP
  228. Hope in Hardware and Networking field
  229. During training what matters most
  230. need carrier advice
  231. online jobs?
  232. main things needed?
  233. Suggest a Career for me
  234. Career in QA Rational Tools
  235. Learn testing tools
  236. BSc IT Distance Education
  237. Market for Database testing
  238. Internship in software testing
  239. Oracle apps modules
  240. Company Offers help
  241. oracle dba
  242. Voive or Non Voice
  243. Enhance J2EE skills
  244. How should I start with Automation
  245. Software testing or MBA
  246. Advice me on right career
  247. Change my designations
  248. Undergraduate qualification
  249. Am I eligible for software developer
  250. Add value to my career