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  1. functional testing of siebel
  2. plz let me know about Load size in load testing
  3. Remote Launcher
  4. change in requirements
  5. What are the New Application Frameworks in SQL Server 2005
  6. Performance testing
  7. Which is given first preference priority or seviority
  8. Testing for Agile Software Development
  9. Auditing Software Testing Process
  10. Difference between Usability and Functional Testing
  11. Difference between sanity and smoke test
  12. Regression Testing
  13. Testing PHP – Security Testing
  14. Test Coverage Matrix
  15. Waterfall Model
  16. Bug Life Cycle Activities
  17. Primitive Data Type
  18. Dash Board Navigation
  19. Software Configuration Management
  20. Event Effect Graph
  21. Requirement Traceability Matrix RTM HELP
  22. drawback of V Model
  23. Five things to test in Usability Testing
  24. User acceptance testing
  25. Checks Lists of Usability and Functional Testing
  26. UI Testing
  27. Parameterization
  28. Types and Levels of Testing in Programming
  29. What are Test scripts
  30. Sqa
  31. test density
  32. entry criteria
  33. difference between entrance and sign on criteria
  34. interoperability testing, vulnerability testing)
  35. Software Testing Myths
  36. Output Value
  37. Smart Identification
  38. Version concept
  39. Doubt in Bug clasification
  40. Functional test cases and retesting effort doubts
  41. Plz Any one tell my doubts in Testing
  42. start an application before testing
  43. Integration testing...?
  44. What is Regular Expression?
  45. Mutation Testing
  46. Testing Process & Testing Methodologies
  47. difference between SRS, FRS and BRD
  48. Regression and Sanity Testing
  49. Golden Bug
  50. Parameters of Metrics
  51. measure defect aging
  52. Security issues in testing
  53. Test through menu's
  54. What you think about a tester future?
  55. can we say Sanity Testing = Adhoc testing
  56. Unit Testing
  57. Found bug in User Interface Testing
  58. Build in a manual testing project
  59. Is it come under functionality testing
  60. Navigational Testing
  61. Choosing between Automation or Manual Testing
  62. build means
  63. Steps to start testing
  64. Difference between v model and and v-v model
  65. Which type of testing is first carried out
  66. Testing Responsibility
  67. Uploading picture
  68. Cyclomatic complexity
  69. Advantages/Disadvantages of manual software testing?
  70. Frontend and Backend testing
  71. How time you took to prepare review, case design, execution, reporting...
  72. regards 2server down
  73. Testing C++ and VC++ Application
  74. Guidelines for ISO 90001:2000
  75. Testing without knowing the Project!
  76. Report documents
  77. How to test CICS, MainFrame applications?
  78. Why should we maintain separate testing team?
  79. Why a tester is needed for testing?
  80. Regression Testing - if I have 1000 test cases ...
  81. Testing VB application
  82. Test Data
  83. Use case statement and Test Case
  84. Types of version control tool
  85. Any possibility to move from testing to development
  86. Faster technique for Manual Software testing
  87. Backus -naur form
  88. Security Testing
  89. testing
  90. whis is the testing limitations?
  91. What do you mean by Use Cases?
  92. QTP-Siebel Addins
  93. Define Software testing
  94. Conclusion of when reqirements are covered
  95. Any advantage of Testers over Developers
  96. Database Testing
  97. how should we write the script?
  98. Incident and Defect
  99. What are different Performance counters?
  100. what to do when we join any company as a tester?
  101. doubt reg bug in SRS and FRS
  102. interface and integration testing
  103. black out phase
  104. GUI & functional testing
  105. Test References
  106. difference between static and dynamic testing?
  107. What is peer review?
  108. BVA & ECP
  109. Retesting & REgression Testing
  110. If we get 200 errors then how to justify
  111. Test dynamically changing content manually
  112. Bug Tracking
  113. difference between verification & validation ?
  114. difference between process and product?
  115. Bug
  116. Purpose of testing
  117. How unit testing is done
  118. Team foundation server
  119. six sigma and four eye principle.
  120. Tool that supports Eclipse product.
  121. Syntax Testing and LCSAJ Testing
  122. You have given time of one day for testing
  123. How many test cases can be checked in 1 day.
  124. Regarding UAT
  125. Questions related to Test plan
  126. Biggest Challenge Biggest Achievement
  127. Difference b/w SRS and URS?
  128. Backend testing complete process
  129. Database Testing Procedure and Process
  130. Difference between SDLC & STLC
  131. cause and effect diagram
  132. database testing
  133. interdependency matrix
  134. manual testing procedure
  135. What is MS-ACT,WAST
  136. Storage Testing
  137. HOw you will test a server Security?
  138. How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?
  139. Project
  140. hai major bug
  141. Reliability Testing
  142. I cannot capture new window.
  143. Whats Cliental Testing
  144. Memory Leakage
  145. Difference between CSTE and ISTQB exams
  146. Examples of black and white box testing
  147. Hai about acheivements in testing
  148. gui test cases
  149. difference between a bug, a defect, and an error?
  150. test scenarios
  151. how to describe testing project?
  152. configuration management tool
  153. database testing
  154. Data-driven, Time-Driven and keyword-driven testing?
  155. What is PVCS? Why do you need?
  156. Is it necessary to re-test the whole application
  157. Mainframe ?
  158. Suspension/Resumption Criteria in a Software Testing
  159. How to do IST and IPWT testing
  160. What is ""developing procedures and scripts (UNIX/Windows/Oracle)
  161. How do you break down your testing
  162. Design defect during coding or testing
  163. Contents and general idea of a project plan
  164. Defect Management Tool
  165. explain test life cycle
  166. Business and Testing Aspects
  167. Remote Method Invocation
  168. Testing Career for freshers
  169. can we parameterize checkpoints?
  170. what is "Function point"?
  171. how will u test an appln without requirements?
  172. Non technical to software testing?
  173. What is "testing of java applications "?
  174. Test cases in excel sheet
  175. Visio diagrams in QA
  176. difference b/w bug duration and bug detection time?effectiveness and efficiency?
  177. Does Test Plan comes under verifaction or validation
  178. Smoke & Sanity
  179. How do you make sure you really test what needs to be re-tested?
  180. Automation Testing
  181. Waht is "testing application in vb.net/java" in black box testing?
  182. What is the relationship between Test Scripts and Test Cases?
  183. three attributes which will impact the Testing Process?
  184. Real time testing..
  185. Examples of critical bugs
  186. What is the difference between High and critical.
  187. Navigation of AUT?
  188. Testing issue
  189. Please answer this tricky question
  190. Which are the latest tools used for testing
  191. Test cases : security testing
  192. In manual testing,how do we check database for changes?
  193. Test Planning question
  194. release of project
  195. Spiral Model
  196. What is the difference between Spiral and V Model?
  197. Document management?
  198. Embedded
  199. How you will test firewall?
  200. challenging situation during testing?
  201. Which options are correct
  202. What are bugs in windows xp?
  203. How a software for radiology products can be tested.
  204. Debate with developer?
  205. Is it QA task?
  206. Let's define quality?
  207. Types of test engineers
  208. Some different definitions of software testing...
  209. Do all testing projects need tester
  210. Is there any other name for this Random testing
  211. tool for mobile applications
  212. Exploratory testing & Ad-hoc Testing
  213. Difference b/w Localization Testing and Internationalization Testing
  214. When testing ends?
  215. test environment for testing
  216. what questions do they ask about testing
  217. what are the levels of software testing
  218. Diff bet Test Strategy, test plans and test case
  219. Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?
  220. Quality and Testing
  221. how does acceptence testing done by the costomers?
  222. What are the steps to start Testing
  223. How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?
  224. what is Data-driven, Time-Driven and keyword-driven testing
  225. Is there any diff. between Designing Test Cases and Test Cases Preparation.
  226. test automation of a video streaming application
  227. Exception Testing
  228. Which one of the following is best to do
  229. What is vendor Validation Testing?
  230. Configuration management and change management
  231. what is Scalability testing?
  232. Question a tester should ask to himself?
  233. Write bug report
  234. role of documentation in qa ?
  235. If there are changes in requirements
  236. testing documents provided by the client ?
  237. What is poty Testing / gamma testing?
  238. What is QC task?
  239. Best testing practice for a Payment Systems
  240. What is the likely next step in a real-time environment?
  241. test FTP
  242. T-Process in Software Testing
  243. How you will do
  244. Risk Analysis
  245. defects
  246. How to install BugZilla on Windows Operating System
  247. When are the following docs prepared and who prepares them
  248. Question on equivalence class partitions
  249. diff domain & system testing
  250. testing