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  1. Difference between method overriding and overloading
  2. Types of Inheritance
  3. Starting New Threads
  4. Polymorphism
  5. What is the abbrevation of OOPS?
  6. OOPS concept.....
  7. Foss
  8. Java over C++
  9. Java has no pointer concept but c++ has
  10. A derivation inherits both a virtual and non-virtual instance
  11. Which constructor will be called in main
  12. Confused about Overloading and OverRiding
  13. Need c# programming examples
  14. interfaces
  15. abstraction Vs encapsulation
  16. What is the use of interface in realtime environment
  17. oops
  18. Insert values in view
  19. .net configuration
  20. Some ideas about the major project in C++
  21. what are the disadvatages of oops?
  22. Difference between interface and abstract class? are they both same
  23. Memory allocation
  24. what is mean by loose coupling and tight cohesion
  25. itrensic object
  26. What are the major issues to be aware of when developing multi-threaded applications
  27. What is the race condition?
  28. Java
  29. .net 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
  30. interview
  31. Application for a webpage