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  1. Descriptive Programming
  2. Running QTP from command line
  3. Error While Recording in QTP
  4. QTP Certification
  5. QTP Experts respond
  6. Object Spy
  7. How to do decriptive programming?
  8. How to add objects?
  9. Applications supported by QTP
  10. COM interface
  11. QTP - VB script
  12. reading data from excel sheet in QTP
  13. Counting objects in a web table
  14. Checkpoint failed
  15. QTP 8.2 on Windows XP Home Edition
  16. Getting all the tests results in batch runner
  17. XML Checkpoint and Accessibility Checkpoint
  18. Webpage / Frame Checkpoint
  19. Application not visible in active screen
  20. QTP Global mode
  21. QTP : executing test from commandline
  22. WebEdit and WebList
  23. Adding objects at run time
  24. Automating Excel Formulaes
  25. Copying Single Object
  26. How to import
  27. Unable to start the specific test.
  28. If QTP supports Flash
  29. Best approach to recognize the objects
  30. I get error "invalid call to function"...
  31. Select multiple check boxes in VB application
  32. How do we know which error is generated?
  33. Code to stop an iteration
  34. Login to sample flight application in QTP
  35. UI Testing Through QTP tool
  36. Reading a TSR file
  37. Validate Print button in webbased application
  38. Check for mail in user's microsoft outlook mailbox
  39. Selecting Radio Button
  40. Execute menu's in Home page
  41. Why do we need "Recovary senario" in QTP
  42. criteria in QTP for identifying WinObject and WebElement
  43. Difference between runtime object and testobject
  44. Integrate QTP with Test Director
  45. Upgrade .NET addin 8.2 to 9
  46. User defined function in QTP library
  47. Using Soft Keys in QTP
  48. First digit of date is getting truncated
  49. Proceeding to next transaction
  50. Clicking on corresponding add link
  51. qtp script problem
  52. How to proceed in QTP
  53. Where to download latest QTP version?
  54. menu item list
  55. How to capture first link in webpage when content changes everytime??
  56. Mask Cursor from bitmap image checkpoint
  57. Whats wrong in this Descriptive Program?
  58. about qtp
  59. about qtp
  60. how i can test web application
  61. QTP- wrong object recognised...
  62. Recording mode in QTP
  63. QTP compatibility with IE 7.0
  64. QTP 9.0 download
  65. Closing the Task Manager through QTP?
  66. testing
  67. Error when Integration QTP 9 with Quality Center
  68. Selecting Row using QTP
  69. What exactly a frame Work means?what are the different type of frameworks done in QTP
  70. Functions were stored in different location.
  71. Steps are not recorded
  72. Tool is not identifying location changing object
  73. Discriptive proraming(DP)
  74. Check contents in the menu
  75. qtp 9.1, windows xp
  76. Recording Prob in QTP
  77. Cannot identify the object "TextBox"
  78. Shared object repository as default association
  79. I need to check some values in the MS-Word
  80. How to identify "OracleTable" in Object Repositories
  81. Menu Items
  82. Anyone received mshtml.dll IEerror when using QTP?
  83. Regular Expression in QTP
  84. find home page of the application/webapp using QTP?
  85. How to test java project in QTP without java addin
  86. Code to click on 6 button
  87. script for combobox
  88. Test cases for QTP
  89. QTP Questions and Answers
  90. Cannot identify the object
  91. Retrieveing the title of the currently active window
  92. How to pick the data from the drop down list box
  93. when i am getting an application ,and i am said to proceed with qtp,what r the steps
  94. If QTP is not able to recognise a particular window
  95. Regarding QTP keyword driven framework
  96. servlets sessionmanagement.
  97. Not able to set value in the datafilter drop down
  98. Unable to recognise the java button and list box
  99. Regarding the convrsion of Vbscript files into .exe form
  100. How do you connect/configure qtp to access data from database?
  101. Template for new test script in QTP
  102. How to identified using regular expression
  103. QTP results in Quality Center
  104. Getting Error while creating / executing object repository
  105. How to use regular expression in QTP for an combo-box in Java Application.
  106. In QTP, How to call OR run an action saved in unknown drive
  107. File does not show the values that are generated
  108. Any help available for starters with user defined functions
  109. What is the equivalent in QTP to load the shared Object repository in the memory
  110. How do we check for a particular font color
  111. Change properties of an action after running QTP script
  112. Can I conver the 9.0scripts in QTP to 8.2
  113. How can I differentiate between different objects
  114. Second line in a MsgBox
  115. Object repository not found
  116. Launch notepad file by using QTP
  117. QTP- Object repository & Re-useable actions
  118. Do we record and playback in real time
  119. How can you differ the check points
  120. doubt in qtp
  121. Procedure to record a test using TermInal emulator
  122. reg vbcommands qtp
  123. Need Urgent Help......About QTp
  124. Runtime Value
  125. More Add-ins for QTP
  126. Capture the objects in a word document
  127. Need help about QTP...........
  128. Major differences between WinRunner and QTP?
  129. Script to extract all the JavaButton objects from a JavaWindow
  130. Should I get any Add-On to use .Net Framework
  131. Conventions on writing codes for QTP
  132. QTP File Extensions Descriptions
  133. How is the script linked with datasheet
  134. Does QTP accept pause/break action
  135. Code to remove the pop up blockage
  136. Using a shared repository in QTP
  137. How do I set up and use a shared repository in QTP
  138. Test the code of the Dot Net and Java
  139. Java Tree in QTP
  140. How to get the result column wise
  141. qtp
  142. qtp
  143. How to write scripts for getting this virtual object using QTP
  144. vb script
  145. Will I be able to write test cases without QTP
  146. QTP application is getting closed after initial screen
  147. Can QTP work with Flash controls??
  148. Oracle add in for qtp
  149. WinRunner to QTP migration
  150. Not able to traverse the tree node of a Web Application
  151. .net 2005 using QTP 9.0
  152. automating AS 400 application
  153. qtp
  154. Database chk point
  155. How to create objects?
  156. How to load variables and values from external file
  157. Script skips Marcomedia Flash Player ActiveX
  158. Writing Test Script Language in QTP
  159. Getting properties and values of MENU
  160. Method to excute child objects script
  161. Iterate one action more than the others
  162. Change runtime property of an object
  163. Descriptive Programming and Visual Basic Scripts
  164. Can you write your own utility functions in QTP
  165. Active Screen Operation
  166. How to test SAP Applications using QTP 9.0
  167. Running Test in Test Director Test Lab without QTP
  168. Method to identify the loaded web page
  169. How to use navigate method of browser object in QTP
  170. QTP is not recording what I type
  171. First output value is getting overwritten by second output
  172. recording mode
  173. What is iteration?How it is related to test results in QTP?
  174. I want to use the same variable in another scripted component
  175. I have XP and IE7, For some reason web testing won't work in QTP
  176. When will be we going to use Step Generator?How to use it?
  177. Test an Application designed with ASP.Net, C#
  178. I want to upgrade QTP version to 9.2
  179. QTP and Winrunnner on one machine
  180. QTP 9.2 Powerbuilder
  181. QTP Script in Load Runner for Load Testing
  182. How to pass parameters from excel sheet into an application form through qtp(code)
  183. Qtp
  184. How to record Macro media Flash??
  185. Adding new screen to object repository with child windows
  186. Per-action repository and shared object repository
  187. How to do batch test in QTP
  188. Explain how to use regular expression
  189. Perform batch testing in QTP 9.2
  190. Verification points in QTP
  191. Cannot Identify Object of Class Static
  192. In VB Application QTP is not recognising Menus.
  193. What is the file extension of objects that get stored
  194. multiple actions in QTP
  195. bugzilla with QTP
  196. Data -driven testing in qtp
  197. All fields are identified as generic java objects
  198. Environment variables in qtp
  199. Regular Expression
  200. systemutil.run "IEplore.exe","URL" is opening 2 browsers
  201. How do I deal with varible screens not the object
  202. Is there any way to enter dynamic values
  203. what are different types files generated and their role in QTP
  204. How to use environment variables in a QTP test
  205. While running Test script the value of drop down is not getting selected
  206. Is there any way to compare the runtime value with the actual value
  207. Is there any limit that our ReUsable Action's code
  208. Does QTP supports UNIX
  209. Test runs very slow
  210. QTP question?
  211. Difference between Function, Copy of Action & Externel Action
  212. I want to check selected and not selected radio button
  213. Can QTP while create a checkpoint during runtime
  214. Value of a single variable (column) into data table
  215. Getting error "syntax error in ObjectRepository"
  216. Convert local or per action repository to share repository
  217. Can I use QTP to test a .net web application
  218. Which type of testing you will prepare
  219. Object repository size in QTP
  220. About KPA
  221. How to rectify the Script File when it is not able to open
  222. While running its showing cannot find the object
  223. scripting
  224. How to make QTP recognize 2 different webtables
  225. Run modes available in QTP
  226. Playing Application script on different browsers without changes
  227. How to design and use the data sheet in a Script
  228. How do you convert local repository scripts to shared repository
  229. QTP is not recognizing Application
  230. In 8.2 Version scripts are failing due to bit map check
  231. Verify that this objects properties match an object currently displayed
  232. Default add-ins supported by the QTP 9.2
  233. Is it possible to have same logical name for more than one object
  234. How QTP is used for Regression Testing(process)
  235. I am facing problem in date picker
  236. What should i do to rectify ERROR ON PAGE problem
  237. What is the script to find out the test directory
  238. QTP Scripting
  239. Can I connect to QTP machine without QC server intervention
  240. Script which retrieves the current path of the test script
  241. How to add Objects dynamically to OR at runtime??
  242. I am testing CD which is used to download broadband connection
  243. I'm not able to write the script for login page
  244. Use of export xml file and import xml file options
  245. Write Script in QTP for Login screen with different combinations
  246. Can we assign input data from Notepad to the script?
  247. Hello to everyone in QTP family
  248. When do we use the recovery scenario manager in the QTP
  249. How to declare Global variables in QTP by using vb script?
  250. Global variables in QTP using VB Script