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Thread: Redg Winrunner scripts

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    Redg Winrunner scripts

    Hi all

    Data stored in Excell sheet.i wrote a script in Winrunner and called data from excell sheet.
    Can any body send me a code(script).

    For example:

    A/c No. 10 --------contains data
    A/c No. 11---------contains data

    in my script it will accept only A/c No.10 data. i require my scripts should go to A/C No. 11, after completion of A/c No. 10,.


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    Re: Redg Winrunner scripts

    Hi !

    Can you post the script you have written ?may be we can help u more precisely !!

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    Re: Redg Winrunner scripts

    Hi Raju,

    Using data driven wizard you can solve this problem


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    Re: Redg Winrunner scripts

    Quote Originally Posted by sreelakshmi.nallagatla View Post
    Hi Raju,

    Using data driven wizard you can solve this problem

    data driven wizard .................
    how explain in step wise na .......
    i didnt get u in previous one so
    can u expl in detail

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