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Thread: servlets sessionmanagement.

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    servlets sessionmanagement.

    this is gani,the article shown here are very
    useful to students like me.can u please des-
    cribe about servlets sessionmanagement.

    "OK THANQ"

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    Re: script for combobox

    when your login in our page , your login id is shown in all pages
    that is stored in session , this is an examle like that you session is used to store the data between login to logout

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    Wink Re: servlets sessionmanagement.

    Hi gani,

    A Session tracking is the capability of the server to maintain the single client sequential list.

    i.e :- Any data inside req obj can be accessable in 1 req & 1 response. that is after sending the response back to the client, req obj will be destroyed.

    suppose i want to use some data in multiple req & response.I want one obj to store some data in multiple req.

    so in this sutivation obj of http session can be accessed from multiple req. i.e with this obj we can maintain the client conversation with server for some period of time.this period of time is called as Session.

    httpsession is used to maintain the state of a client in web servers

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