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Thread: Memory Function in C

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    Memory Function in C

    What is the memset command used for C. is it used for setting fixed memory locations. I am making a wild guess from the name. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Also tell me what header files I have to include while using this command.

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    Re: Memory Function in C

    The memset is mainly used to initialize or set memory section with some value.
    The syntax of memset is
    void *memset( void *buffer, int c, count );
    In this memset copies the value of c into the first count characters of buffer, and returns buffer. The header file that must be included while using this function is <string.h>

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    The declaration of memset function is as follows
    void* memset(void* s, int c, int n);
    the memset function sets the first n bytes in s to c.

    Generally this function is used to set a memory location to null chracters '\0' The memset function returns s with the value set to c

    For example consider the code

    void main()
    char str[]="geekinterview";
    printf("length before using memset =%d",strlen(str));
    printf("\nlength after using memset =%d",strlen(str)); getch(); }

    length before using memset 13
    length after using memset 0

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