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    1. Find Your Purpose. Most people spend a lifetime trying to find their calling in life. The assessments included in Part I of this book can help you do just that by guiding you to define the needs you want your career to meet and helping you discover the path that will best lead to fulfilling your purpose.

    Identify Your Ideal Job. Since you were a child, people have probably been asking you what you want to be when you grow up. You might still be trying to answer this question. Identifying your purpose is one thing, but finding the ideal job to help you achieve your purpose can seem even more difficult

    Develop a Career Plan. Even people who have an idea of what they want to do with their lives lack a career plan and well-defined career goals to get them there. Part III will help you make effective career decisionsóchoosing among the many alternatives you may be consideringóand then help you develop a plan to achieve your career goals. You will also learn how to achieve the proper balance between your life and your career as you pursue those goals.

    Take Action. A plan is useful only if you follow it. The assessments in part IV will help you develop an effective job ]search campaign and take action. You will learn more about your personality style in searching for a job, what your job search strengths and weaknesses are, and ways you can improve them to reach your goals more effectively. Finally,you will discover what you can do to ensure your ongoing career success.

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