Although the actual GET method of form handling is deprecated, the style of URL associated with it turns out to be very useful for site navigation. This is especially true for dynamically generated sites such as those often constructed with PHP, because the appended-variable style of URL works particularly smoothly with a template-based content-development system

As an illustration, imagine you are the proud proprietor of an information-rich Web site about solar cars. You’ve toiled long and hard over informative and attractive pages such as these:

But as your site grows, a flat-file site structure like this can take a lot of time to administer, as even the most trivial changes must be repeated on every page. If the structure of these pages is very similar, you might want to move to a template-based system with PHP. You might decide to utilize a single template with separate text files for each topic (containing information, photos, comments, and so on):

Or you might decide you needed a larger, more specialized choice of template files: