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Thread: How to Put on an Acting Assignment on your resume?

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    How to Put on an Acting Assignment on your resume?

    I've been in the same job for a few years. Recently, my manager was on an assignment for a few months and I acted in his position. When he returned, I went back to my previous position. What is the best way to put this on a resume? Should I put my substantive position first since it is my current position, or the acting position first since it is a more senior position?


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    Re: How to Put on an Acting Assignment on your resume?

    It depends on what job you are applying for. If you are applying for an acting institute, then you can exclusively make a resume and write about you acting assignment. In case you are looking for a corporate job, then use a separate section like "Other Assignments" and brief about your acting assignment. If not take a professional help from they are experts in this field who can help you create a professional resume.

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