It has been said that a “a good leader can make a success of a weak business while a poor leadership ruins even the best plan”. That is why developing effective leadership is considered as a key differentiating factor and critical to the overall performance of the organization.

Companies operating in today’s competitive marketplace understand the importance of leadership effectiveness for growth and development of business. Different leadership development and training programs have been initiated with the motive to form, maintain, and transform the true identity of a business leader. Consistent talent management programs are being organized at all levels across the organizations in order to identify qualified candidates to fill current and future leadership roles.

Leadership is the combination of action and knowledge. Leaders are known for making decisions, which can increase shareholder value, attract and retain a competitive workforce and maximize the use of resources.
Developing an effective leadership style requires deliberate practice. It can be conceptualized through detailed performance model baseds on the organizational need. ‘Imarticus’ offers leadership development programs, which involve continuous training, assessment and feedback in order to develop the effective leadership skills to cater to different job roles.

Source : Imarticus Learning