Hi All,

I'm new to the website and this is my first post. Pretty excited

So, I'm learning Informatica and we have been given some practice scenarios to work with. There is a file with some details and it becomes the source for the first scenario. When I complete my first scenario, the target file that I achieve becomes the source for the second scenario.

I'm on the 6th scenario now and I'm stuck and need help. The scenario is the following:

Design logic to compare the Gender (column) with the NamePrefix (column), cross verify the Gender to be equal to -
Mr. - M
Miss - F
Mrs. - F

This is the first part of the scenario. I don't understand how to compare the two columns to get the desired result. Can somebody please help me with it?

Many thanks,

P.S: If my post isn't very clear, I'd be glad to provide some more information to help you understand my dilemma.