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Thread: 72V DC Motor with two 12V wind Generators

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    72V DC Motor with two 12V wind Generators

    Hello, I have two 12v DC wind generators that can provide charge to a 72v battery bank. This bank is used to power a 72Volt Electric Motor. I have one connected to the first battery (the positive connect for the entire bank) and the other generator is hooked up to the other or last battery of the 72v bank (the negative connect). Is this proper? Or, what do you recommend? Which manner should I best have them connected to the battery bank in order to obtain the most efficiency (charge)? Thank you, Alex

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    Re: 72V DC Motor with two 12V wind Generators

    Hey, I think if you first connect the two wind generator in series and then finally connect them to the two main terminal of your battery bank then the total charging Pd across the terminals be maximum and the battery will get charged quickly. Thus you may get the maximum efficiency.

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