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Thread: Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Methodology

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Methodology

    Describe advantages and disadvantages of agile methodology for software development?

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    Re: Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Methodology

    Advantage- Agile methodology requires no detail requirement, gives a regular view to the client in case of adjustments required, face to face communication, not very expensive.

    Disadvantage- Not much time for panning, design and documentation.

    However, the disadvantages can be nullified if you have a good consultant at hand.

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    Re: Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Methodology

    Advantage of Agile :
    # company will saving of time and money with the Agile Methodology. Then there will be a less documentation required though documents help to a great deal in verifying and validating the requirements.
    # If there is any Change or enhancements alter come in between any phase, they will do without any budget constraint.

    Disadvantage of Agile:
    # There is lack of emphasis on necessary designing and documentation.
    # Only senior programmers are capable of taking the kind of decisions required during the development process.

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