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Thread: Face to Face Interview [Kindle Edition] - Limited Period Offer

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    Face to Face Interview [Kindle Edition] - Limited Period Offer

    Dear All,

    A successful face to face interview will help you build your dream career - Job seekers have more competition in today’s job market than ever before. Learning to succeed in the different areas of job searching, right from resume preparation to attending interview can make all the difference. Discover how to handle face to face interview and also learn how to properly follow-up after an interview to increase your chances of being offered the open position.

    If a prospective employer invite you to attend face to face interview today, how would you rate your confidence level for success?

    Face to face interview is one of the most common forms of interviewing process. Interviews are a very important event that one must properly prepare for if they wish to do their best and of course, get the job. There are many factors that surround an interview and therefore it becomes imperative to know how to go about taking part in one, the right way. One of the best things about face to face interview is the direct interaction with the employers where you get a chance to make your lasting first impression. Basically you will need to explain to the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the job and this book will prepare you to face your job interview confidently.

    How can you stand out amongst the many other candidates? By knowing what to do during a face to face interview, you will come prepared and handle the interview with confidence.

    In this book I have discussed topics such as:

    • Different types of face to face interview
    • Top 10 interview questions
    • Basic etiquette such as dressing for your interview
    • Discussing your qualifications and achievements
    • Body language and buzz words
    • Make your lasting first impression
    • Ways to get rid of interview jitters
    • List of things that you need to carry while attending interview
    • Answering salary related questions
    • Post interview follow-up

    This book will also show you how you can improve your story telling skill, avoid common job interview mistakes, answer salary related questions and to close the interview properly.

    Note: The Kindle edition version of this book is available for free at Face to Face Interview: Chandra Vennapoosa: Kindle Store for 2 days only.

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    Re: Face to Face Interview [Kindle Edition] - Limited Period Offer

    Nice Sharing!! What about telephone interview?? Is there any other link for this??

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    Re: Face to Face Interview [Kindle Edition] - Limited Period Offer

    Thank lesson useful of your. I am think it is very useful to me, me will read it

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