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    Announcing Mobile Version

    Dear Members and Site Visitors, has launched the mobile version of its website. This will enable mobile phone users to view our technical training, career development articles, skill tests and discussion forums on mobile phones.

    With the ever increasing use of mobile devices for internet browsing the mobile version of Exforsys website is the next progression to facilitate mobile users. Exforsys website automatically detects the device from which you are viewing and displays a mobile optimized version of the website when viewed through mobile phone.

    The mobile version of the website aims to provide quick, easy-to-access, navigate and read user experience for technical and career related articles.

    The site can be accessed through any browser enabled mobile device having internet connection. Users can use their existing user ID and password to login to the mobile version of the website. All features of full version of the website are incorporated in the mobile version.

    Scan the QR code below with your mobile to have a look now!

    Announcing Mobile Version-efs_qr_code-png

    View on your mobile and send your feedback and opinions.

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