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    Interview Preparation and Career Guidance Website Reaches 500,000 Members

    Exforsys Inc is excited to announce the historic event of their flagship website crossing 500,000 subscribers' milestone.

    CORTLANDT MANOR, NY, December 21, 2011 -- Exforsys Inc is excited to announce the historic event of their flagship reaching 500,000 registered membership milestone. The company is currently working hard on adding new features for the benefit website users.

    One of the core principles behind Exforsys Inc's decision to launch was to help millions of job aspirants succeed in their endeavor. provides a congenial platform for its community members to learn, share and grow.

    In accordance to its core principles, the website has assiduously helped innumerable job seekers through their interview questions and answers open database website since 2005. In the course of time, has secured a loyal following of recruitment professionals, job seekers and community members who constantly refer this website as a solid resource to update their skill, gain rich knowledge and improve their technical expertise. is widely popular among college students and seasoned professionals. This fact remains indisputable in the domain of interview preparation and career guidance.

    Commenting on this event, Chandra Vennapoosa - Managing Director, Exforsys Inc and owner of website stated: "We are extremely excited about reaching a half-million registered members. To us it means that we're doing our jobs well and that it was a good idea to launch the website. We will continue to improve the site wherever we can by listening to our users and following their recommendations and feedback on features we can add to improve our website as well as user experience". community shared their excitement of this momentous occasion and cherished the rise of the website which is has grown exponentially since its launch six year ago. This renownedinterview preparation and career guidance website boasts of more than twenty-five different categories extending from accounting interview questions to web interview questions. Job seekers ardently flock here to prepare for interviews so that they can succeed in landing their dream job.

    One of the reasons for the website success is that it allows people to study and discuss the questions that are most often asked during job interview. The website not only shows what to answer and how to answer but it also informs the candidates what not to say or do during an interview.

    The website offers a collection of exclusive interview related resource materials such as guides, e-books, tips, tricks, online-test and tools and allows members to subscribe to their popular newsletter.

    Exforsys Inc is now working on creating mobile apps for website along with providing new additional features and fresh content.

    Chandra Vennapoosa
    Exforsys Inc
    Managing Director
    248 Millington Road
    Cortlandt Manor, New York
    USA 10567
    Voice: 9142937048
    Website: Visit Our Website

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    Re: Reaches 500,000 Members

    Wow ! amazing congratulations

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