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Thread: VB Activex Components

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    VB Activex Components

    What are Activex? What are the types of activex components available in VB?

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    Re: VB Activex Components

    ActiveX is a component for defining reusable software components in a programming language-independent way.With ActiveX, Web sites come alive using multimedia effects, interactive objects, and sophisticated applications that create a user experience comparable to that of high-quality CD-ROM titles.

    Its components are
    1. ActiveX Controls are the interactive objects in a Web page that provide interactive and user-controllable functions and hence enliven the experience of a Web site.
    2.ActiveX Documents enable users to view non-HTML documents, such as Microsoft Excel or Word files, through a Web browser.
    3.Active Scripting controls the integrated behavior of several ActiveX controls and/or Java Applets from the browser or server.
    4. ActiveX Server Framework provides a number of Web server-based functions such as security, database access, and others.

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