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Thread: Introducing myself...

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    Introducing myself...

    Hi friends, I am Manoj Saini. I am pursuing MCA. I have done graduation in arts stream and totally new to programming and web development. I haven't decided any particular language yet. So I need you help.
    The thing I like the most about this site is that one can find almost everything which is required for a fresher/student from the many forums and even more. Such a very good site.


    Manoj Saini

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    Re: Introducing myself...

    Dear Manoj

    Welcome to Exforsys Forum
    I am glad that you like this site which is helping several others like you.

    When it comes to web development You can choose from a wide variety, You can begin with PHP, MySQL. A point of consideration in web development is you need to be skilled with more than one language like I mean to say PHP (Which is server side scripting language) alone is also not sufficient, you also need to know how to code client side scripts - generally for which JavaScript is used. Then again there are several other options too - Adobe offers Flex Builder, and there is ASP.Net, Choose which you like and do share about your choice.

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    Re: Introducing myself...

    Hi Manoj and Welcomee

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