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Thread: OOP Polymorphism Concept

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    OOP Polymorphism Concept

    Why, Where and When do we make use of polymorphism concept?
    Under what circumstance can we make use of polymorphism concept? Please post your answer

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    Re: OOP Polymorphism Concept


    Read this, it is very good
    Explain the Polymorphism principle.

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    Re: OOP Polymorphism Concept

    Polymorphism provides one of the most useful programming techniques of the object-oriented paradigm.
    The purpose of polymorphism is to implement a style of programming called message-passing in which objects of various types define a common interface of operations for users.

    The usage of polymorphism in oops is the ability of objects belonging to different types to respond to method, field, or property calls of the same name, each one according to an appropriate type-specific behavior. The programmer (and the program) does not have to know the exact type of the object in advance, and so the exact behavior is determined at run-time

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